It was with a box of Swiss-made chocolates that the late Claude Nobs – founder of the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival – persuaded Aretha Franklin to come and perform. These sweet, dark works of art from Switzerland have gained a worldwide reputation, whether as representatives of leading brands or as high-end offerings produced on a smaller scale. To find out who are the very best chocolate-makers of all, connoisseurs consult the latest edition of the guide published by the Paris-based ‘Club des Croqueurs de Chocolat’, which lists the world’s top-rated producers. Since 2013, Thomas Müller is one of those featured in this international guide as a leading practitioner of his art.

Confectioner and chocolate-maker Heinz Müller founded the family business in 1980, which Thomas took over in 2010 and transformed into a modern specialist producer, reliant on traditional skills, extensive knowledge, and an insistence on excellence.


At the studio in Schaffhausen, exquisite creations are produced every day. Pastels, Orangettes and Macarons, textures and consistencies combine to deliver an instantaneous surprise along with the promise of new experiences to follow. Every piece is a little explosion of taste and refinement, with astonishing nuances of flavour that are intense and pure, fruity, or infinitely subtle… Thomas Müller chooses his ingredients with care and creativity. Only the most exquisite products find their way into his recipes. Bearing their originator’s hallmark, the resulting delights are ‘something very personal’, as he himself reveals. Müller finds inspiration in spices, scents, colours and shapes on journeys to distant lands, in art and in architecture. His intense and flamboyant chocolates, truffles and creations offer sheer temptation, enchantment – and magic.


Quality and tradition combined with a modern yet simple approach are what drive Thomas Müller to create top-class chocolate products – a strategy validated by his success. He and his talented team remain focused and do their best to make a lasting change to the chocolate universe in the future. Innovation, creativity, quality and sustainability are his guideposts. Thomas Müller has embarked on a long journey that offers a lot of sweet, exotic and extraordinary things to discover. Join him and be surprised by his future creations.


Thomas Müller Chocolatier
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